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Lonely Hearts Club

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Hey there you crazed single female masters swimmers!

I am a Asian male masters swimmer and have been single for several years. I love swimming and exercise. I live in the New Mexico Mountains.

So what's up with the title?

I've been on the dating websites and while there are a plethora of single women, NONE of them swim or understand swimming.

I am a swimmer. Period. If you don't mind getting up at the crack of dawn to swim and fall in bed at 8pm (tivo your favorite shows), love to travel to meets, enjoy culture (theater, movies, opera, music) and can converse on a wide range of subjects, we need to talk.

I am well educated, have reasonable financial security, good professional standing - (outside of swimming) and have demonstrated culinary skills. I have deep faith and a strong but flexible soul.

I have a black cat (he is totally cool) and live at 5000 feet on 2.5 acres. You can see the Milky Way on a dark night from my backyard. I train at 4000 feet at New Mexico State University. NMSU has a outdoor 50 meter pool and an indoor 25 yard pool. Today, January 11, I swam outside at 6 am and watched an amazing sunrise (backstrokers do rule but I would be happy to learn how to swim the other strokes).

I have a number of great friends in Las Cruces and some family.

I have pics (me, house, pool, cat, etc). PM me if this is of any interest.


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  1. raysun's Avatar
    Hi Philipp, I just read your entry today, and I liked it so much I'm replying. Just saw that you made this entry a year ago, so you are probably already involved in a relationship. If you are not, please reply. I am Asian (Chinese), and we are a swim family. My single girlfriend who is also a swimmer is who I have in mind for you. So I am match making. Reply if you are interested. You may contact me at