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Workout 01/16/12: the last night feeling like this

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Solo at Rec (scy)

Decided to swim over in the Animal Lane today to do a modified version of [ame=""]Workout #1 = Broken 1500 Test Set[/ame]. I soon went from feeling like Axl Rose to either Timone or Pumba - take your pick (although my profile is more like Pumba).

100 Free/200 RIM D/K
4 x 75 Indiana IM's (no FR) on 1:20
4 x 50 FR Pull with Buoy on :45

Main set:
Two times through:
4 x 150 Free on 2:00 (goal time 1:45)
1 x 150 Back on 2:00
1 x "Master minute"

6 x 50 RIMO on :45
1 x 200 IM Kick (no board) on 3:40
50 EZ
5 deep water bobs
1 x 100 IM for time (went 1:10.54)
50 EZ
200 w/d various and out
(3200 yds, 55 min)

I might have to rethink the whole "do a pwb workout after being out of the pool for three days" that I have done the last couple of weeks. My shoulders were acting up and I needed to alter the main set by adding in the Backstrokes, which I did not swim particularly fast (but I did work on at least 4 SDK's off the walls).
- 1st 5: 1:38, :39, :40, :42, 2:00
- 2nd 5: 1:41, :42, :45, :43, 1:54
The good thing was I was went faster than my goal time on all but one, but perhaps if I had started a tad easier I could have done them without the extra rest. I got to #4, thought I need me some backstroke and a break!

The second part of that main set called for 6 x 50 active recovery, but I just attempted to make interval and resorted to some backstroke and fly (25 drill, 25 swim). I pared down the kicking and added a 100 IM (96 to go for the year, Tim!) - I'll do more kicking tomorrow before work.

The [ame=""]Harvard info[/ame] came out with registrations opening on 1/21 - up 50 swimmers to a limit of 900 this year. They change up the order of events every year, but I was bummed to see Friday's lineup - 100 Fly, 50 Fr, 200 Bk, 100 IM. I was hoping to swim all those events (plus 100/200 FR, 50/100 Bk, 50 Fly, and maybe the 500 FR or 200 IM), but there is no way that I can be ready for the 200 Bk third in the hit parade, or the IM after that! All on the first day!

Oh well, looks like the 200 Fly is out for this spring - but I plan to do the 400IM at Valentines (keeping to my word). It is tough to find the 200 Fly around these parts (I am not complaining because it buys me more time to train for it).

I have also started to take seriously trying to lose some more weight. I am down 10 pounds since this time last year, but would like to get out of the "overweight" section of the bmi. I started using an app for tracking my calories and exercise on my phone, because it really makes me think more about what I am munching on.

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Updated January 16th, 2012 at 11:36 PM by rxleakem

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Pumba: "And I got down-hearted, every time that I ..."
    Timone: "Pumba, not in front of the kids!"

    --My kids' favorite line from the Lion King ("Oh, the shame!"). And, on the calorie-counting front... eh, hakunamatata!