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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 1/20/12: Find a place of solitude

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Solo at Rec (scy)

w/u: 200 FR/200 BK

Go three times though (continuous):
- 100 Kick
- 100 IM drill
- -- - FR/BK/SDK

4 x 100 Pull with Buoy on 1:20
- Focus on DPS, breathe 3/4/5/5 per 100

1 x 500 Noahs Ark Pull with Buoy on 7:00
- Went 6:20

4 x 50 on :60
- 25 DPS FR
- :05 rest
- 25 sprint IMO

250 w/d and out
(2350, 40 min)

Quick lunch-time swim today on my day off. I wanted to get in for 1:30 min, but the recycling trip ran late and so did I.

Not too much to report about the swimming today. I will be going to a men's breakfast at church tomorrow morning and try to make it late to the master's team workout (if not, I'll swim solo after lunchtime).

On Sunday will be going to Salem, NH, for a scy mini-meet. Knowing that have not been able to get much sprint work in, I entered the:
- 200 IM (goal: 2:16.72)
- 50 FR (goal: 24.94)
- 50 BR (goal: 38.77)
- 50 FLY (goal: 27.86)
- 50 BK (goal: 28.46)

So the last time I swam 200 IM or 50 Breast I was probably 14 yo - just continuing my quest to swim every event as a master. I am slow at breast, but have been poking around in the [ame=""]"Frog Lane"[/ame] and trying to fix the timing of my kick. I'll try to get some videos up next week. Honesty, one of the high school girls just broke the 200 IM record of 2:25, so I just hope to get under that - sad, I know

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  1. jswim's Avatar
    Nice time goals! If I could do a 200IM in less than 2:30 I'd feel like a superstar!!


    ps I LOVE Vermont!