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Weights and strength training

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by , March 12th, 2009 at 01:59 PM (780 Views)
I started doing some strength training about a month ago. I made a deal with a friend who is a personal trainer, she wants to do a triathlon and needs a swim coach and I need a trainer to help me with a weight program. Works out great for both of us.

I haven't been blogging the weights sessions because I couldn't remember everything we did each time. I've been doing this twice weekly with one session focusing on lower body and core and the other, upper and core. What we do varies from week to week.

Here is what I did last Tuesday:

Leg workout

3 sets of the following

Core: Overhead extension with alternating legs (10lb plate) 10 reps each side
Oblique toe taps 20 each side
Knee-ins 15 reps
Back extensions (10 lb weight) 15

First circuit:
Step-ups (15lb dumbbells) 20 reps each side
Split Squat (25lb plate) 15 reps each side
Lying Hamstring Curl (70Lbs) 15 reps

Second circuit:
Leg Press (90 lbs for 20 reps 140lbs for 15reps- last 2 sets at 140 for 15)
Lunge (15lb dumbbells) 15-20 reps

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Wish I had a trainer! Lucky you!

    So how's it going? Are you sore? Do you enjoy it? Feel any stronger?
  2. poolraat's Avatar
    I have a little soreness for a day or two after but nothing too bad. It's fun and I joke with her about getting even during our next swim sesson. I think I'm getting a bit stronger. It's getting easier and she says we're going to start upping the weight.