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March 13th...Friday the 13! Yeow!

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Just my luck our workout started at 5:30!(I wish).
I did it. Got there and pushed my self to keep up with the guy in the other lane or maybe he was just being kind and pacing me. He'd beat me anyway at the 10yds or with a powerful turn. I will use anything that will help me to march onward.
I have to learn exactly where to approach the wall for my turn when swimming in a circle. Straight in front of me and then angle over or head to the middle then turn or if there is room cut far left and turn in my new lane. There must be a best way so one gets the best technique practice possible for the flip turn yet no painful and at best embarassing collision.
W did a of 900 75's and 25stroke (100's) on 2:00 min interval. I think I kept it under 1:45 with 15 rest. Definitely under 1:50.
alot of 75 swim 25 kick
I just don't remember it all. Does that come with time?
Of course my in the water RC excercise with flippers and snorkel. I actually enjoy these.
I mailed in my entry fee for Devil Splash.

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