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Thu Feb 16, 2012 Update

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Thu Feb 16, 2012 Update

Miraculously my dad was released from Plano Med Center on Monday. He's doing much better. (below is the whole story)


Mon noon

Tue AM

Wed AM &


main set was dropdowns start at 2:00
drop 2 sec each repeat to 1:00
we took a break at 1:30
I sucked on it, hurting, I've missed a lot of work outs between my surgery and family stuff. It's time to shift to strength and sprinting. started out with 150's and switched to 125's, 100's, & 75's sooner than I usually do, couldn't keep up with my lane. Todd, Jim, & Tenneille

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thu Feb 9th, 2012 Bob, my father drove from Austin to Denison, TX to visit my sister Elise, who had a 6 hour surgery. Dad recently changed meds and seemed more forgetful that week. They went to dinner with my sister then returned to their hotel. In the hotel room dad said his forearms and hands hurt then he fainted. Mom called 911 & an ambulance came & took him to Denison hospital. They thought he had a stroke. My brother called me at midnight to let me know what had happened

Denison is a small town & doesn’t have a neurologist, so they transferred dad by ambulance to the Plano Medical Center Neuroscience ICU. Robby, my brother spent the night with dad & dad was very out of it, conscious but incoherent and had a seizure. Super scary. I arrived Friday afternoon and visited with dad for a few minutes. Dad looked puffy & red and wasn’t making much sense. His nurses took him from ICU to radiology to do an angiogram & MRI his brain. Mom, Elise & I waited in the waiting room for an hr & 15 minutes. His radiologist brought us back and said he had a small bleed in his subarachnoid brain layer but he couldn’t see the cause. He said 85% of the time they can see the cause of a brain bleed usually an aneurism and half of those patients die within 30 days. 15% of the time docs can’t see a cause and those patients tend to do much better. Dad fell in the 15% which is great. His doc said they needed to keep him there for a week. Later in the early evening my wife & son arrived.

Dr Murray, dad’s neurologist at Plano said:

+ brain bleed symptoms are often similar to stroke symptoms.

+ Dad would probably need rehab & might not be able to drive.

+ Dad was prescribed to and takes 13 diff scripts, (including blood thinners) They took him off everything & only gave him what they deemed essential to treating his neurological issues & critical health issues. they added a med to dilate his veins & arteries & an anti-seizure meds.

+ He thought dad might have had the brain bleed from hitting his head along with taking a couple blood thinners, but weren’t sure.

+ Dad recently changed some scripts and started taking a blood thinner med called Pradaxa, which doesn’t have a way to counter its effects unlike Coumadin which can be neutralized with Vitamin K.

Later Friday evening dad seemed much better, much more coherent, he spoke in sensible sentences.
We stayed with him as long as we could but ICU visiting hrs were 8am – 6pm & 8pm – 10pm

Saturday morning dad seemed more coherent, his doc transferred him from ICU to the floor but were still saying he’d need to be there a week. He improved rather rapidly. He slept a lot. But was in good spirits.

Sunday he showered himself and was able to use the bathroom on his own. Doc started saying they might release him on Monday.
Lisabeth was going to stay and do shifts with my mom but mom said he had it covered.

Monday his doc released him and mom drove him home from Dallas. Dad’s doing awesome now and wants to get his life back to speed but needs to relax & take it easy. He's going to get an Austin neurologist, make a complete list of all his meds, hopefully get them checked and dispensed by one pharmacy.

It was a very scary episode. It gave us some valuable lessons and a list of things to do going forward

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  1. slow's Avatar
    I hope your father has a full recovery.
  2. massagept's Avatar
    Glad he is improving so quickly...will keep him in my prayers!
  3. pwb's Avatar
    Great to hear / read this. Hopefully a full recovery is in due course.
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    Sounds like good news. After living through a lot of this very same thing with my son's seizures over the past month and a half, I know exactly how you feel. I'm happy for you guys the doctors were able to get things under control rather quickly too.
  5. Speedo's Avatar
    That's great to hear, Ande.
  6. ande's Avatar
    Thank y'all so much. He's improving but he's also 77 & a bit over weight.

    my daughter started having seizures in 7th grade, they'd happen right as she was falling asleep. We got her a child neurologist, had her tested put her on meds that made em stop, (she was lucky) then had her tested years later and took her off the meds. It was a very scary time. She hadn't had a seizure in years then had one while she was taking her final final this past December.