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Ocean Swim, or at least it felt like it!

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by , March 14th, 2009 at 12:26 AM (212 Views)
I went directly to LA Fitness after school today hoping to beat the crowd and get a good undisturbed workout.
I failed to check the class schedule and notice I would be swimming with an aqua aerobic class. The pool in this facility is a full 25 yards long , but only 3 lanes wide. Two of the lanes were consumed with 25 or so women taking the aqua class. These women were fierce.....they had some type of resistance blades on their hands and gripper shoes on their feet that enabled them to bounce up and down creating wakes similar to those created by large oceanliners.
I hopped in the water and started my warm-up. The effect of all the bobbin' and churning was similar to Lake Michigan on a choppy day. I tried lapse into my'"Big Shoulder's" mentality and carry on. I ended up having a pretty good swim and was entertained by the aqua ladies music, bobbin', and waves. Here's the workout:

1) 800 Free Warm-up
2) 3 X 100 on 2:00
3) 3 X 100 on 1:55
4) 3 X 100 on 1:50
5) 3 X 100 on 1:45
All Freestyle with no break inbetween sets. Next week I wil add one more set of 3 X 100 on 1:40. I will probably take a 1 min. break before the last set.
6) 10 X 50 fast flutter kick on back on 1:00, used zoomers (I am a terrible kicker, I am trying to improve)
7) Super 500 Freestyle with Butterfly recovery 25's. 30 sec. per 25 interval.
8) 10 X 50 Freestyle on 1:00
9) Easy 100 Backstroke

3,600 yards

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  1. Animal's Avatar
    Kicking. I have been an awful kicker my whole swim life. Even when I took lessons way back in the late 60s, the instructor would just smile broadly as I struggled to kick. In college, my coach would gives us a kicking set, except for me. He said, "Jeff, just kick until the rest of them are finished".

    I have worked on my kick and I have gained some, but I will never kick well. I work on it almost every workout. I will not give up.