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Dreaded Taper

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by , March 14th, 2009 at 01:19 PM (745 Views)
a bunch of my club-mates have decided on the new england scy championship as the big meet for the season... so 2 weeks out "taper" begins.
i don't feel like i've gotten my base back up to the point that i want to taper from but ... the team player am i so:

friday 13

i did 4 x 200 warm up (alternating FR/BK x 200)

6 x 50 on 1:00 picking up the pace and establishing a comfortable stroke length, i held :32's with 13 SPL

main set:
5 x 100 FR on 6:00
1 and 2 went 1:00
3 - 5 went 59's

i swam 100 easy after each and 300 warm down.

i will do the same set this afternoon only IM

i went for a 40 mile road ride today with 4 friends. started out at 31 degrees finished at 36 degrees. mine was the only steel ride.... a 1983 team PDM concorde aquila; campy record; sew-ups; friction shifters on the drop (i didn't wear the leather hair net)

don't tell the taper police about my bike ride.

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