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Workout 03/02/12: I need some time to search my mind

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w/u: 200 FR/200BK/200 IM drill

10 x 100 FR pull with buoy on 1:20
ez 50

8 x 50 on :55
- odd kick IMO (25 strong, 25 FAST)
- even swim IMO

4 x 50 FR on :45
- Quarter's strong
ez 50
4 x 50 FR on :50
- Burst 8/10/12/14 no breath then cruise
ez 50
4 x 75 on 1:20
- by 25: FR DPS/Fast IMO/FR burst 6 and cruise
ez 50
1 x 100 IM for time (went 1:09.88)

500 Noah's Ark pull with buoy
100 loosen and out
(solo/Rec/3600 yards/60 min)

We finally got some more snow over the last couple of days (two inches), and with temps on the way to the upper 40's tomorrow it'll be gone soon. That is good, because it means extra dryland workouts for me (at least last night after work for 40 minutes and again this morning for another 15. If only there was more opportunities this year, I might look like this guy:

Had a good workout today. I felt good on the 100's and since there was only one other person in the lane I did ten: held mostly 1:08's, with 2 :09's and one :10. I wanted to get some kicking in so did the kick/swim alternations before getting into some speed play 50's.

I replaced the usual 25's with 75's, and was doing fine with them until the second one. The guy I was splitting with left when I was at the far end of the pool, so I stayed put in the left side of the lane since no one else was there. Surprise for Mike - head-on collision at mid pool! Felt like this -->

I don't know where the other guy came from, but he thought he should be circle swimming. Good thing I have a thick head, as I was not too banged up. I asked if he was ok, and he just kept apologizing. Goes back to pool etiquette 101 - make yourself known to the people in the water before you start swimming! That is collision #2 since 2009 - both not my fault, so no tickets issued to me

I was happy to get the IM under 1:10 again - still playing with the breast stroke kick and that felt good today. After the swim, I walked down to the bank, then back to the pool to measure it for the meet in April. It's a town pool, so the highway department let the Rec director borrow a 100' steel tape to make it legit. Now waiting for the recognition number and then some people to show up.

Tomorrow I am heading down with three other swimmers from my area (including GregJS, making his first masters meet appearance! ) to the Simon's Rock Pace/Maker meet in Great Barrington, MA. We figured out that we are ALL swimming the 500 FR, so I have put out the plea for counters. As my tribute to slknight, I will also be doing the 200 Fly during the 200 free event, and then also giving the dreaded 100 breast a shot. Goals? Avoid pianos falling on the 2fly, and hitting the "wall" on the 500 FR. I refilled my Ibu800mg in prepartation for this weekend, and my wife and son will be coming down - maybe I can talk one of them into counting for me

More Mike? Sorry. I have a staycation next week (in the retail Rx world, you get time off when corporate tells you they can arrange coverate 90% of the time). No biggie - it'll be nice to have the time off to organize the house a bit and also get some quality swims in since NE Champs is 3/16-18. Actually, my daughter was accepted to Drexel so we are taking a hastily arranged drive to Phili next weekend (9-10th). Never been there, and I hope to sneak out of the tour to catch a practice with tjrpatt on the 10th. Hope all the plans fall into place for that.

Ok, that's it.

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    Let's do this thing!
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    Yup, yup.