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Friday, March 16

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600 various

3 x 50 caterpillar fly @ :15 RI

8 x 25 DPK shooters w/fins
50 EZ

3 x (25 no breath free + 25 EZ) @ 1:30
50 EZ

4 x 50 burst + cruise
100 EZ

Total: 1500

Hottub, 10 min


Just got in an easy swim with a few bursts. Was chatting with a teammate of mine who showed up over lunch hour. Then had to rush off to do something with Lil Fort's class.

I have stocked provisions for my demanding son Jimby. Off to stretch before he arrives.

My only whine about the meet is that I'm in heat 2 lane 1 for my 50 fly split. I hate lane one because it's adjacent to the diving well where people are warming up and warming down. You could literally get kicked by a wide breast kick. I wish they'd close the diving well during the meet, but I think they need the space.

Unlike last year where I was very nervous pre-meet, I'm calm and ready to go. Probably good, as I may need to provide therapy to Jimby. I am hoping his cold is either fictional hypochondriasis or gone.

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Have a wonderful meet!
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Good luck and have fun at the meet!!! I'm sure we'll see more records broken.

    Jimby should take you out for a nice dinner after the meet
  3. The Fortress's Avatar

    We are going to the organized swimmer social after. We do every year!
  4. jswim's Avatar
    Good luck at the meet, go get em!!

    I'm surprised they don't find a way to rope off the section of the diving well that's directly adjacent to the meet in progress, I agree that seems like a crap lane to have to be in. Hopefully people will be mindful of the meet in progress and back off from that area during races.
  5. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    Make sure you bring moist toilettes for Jimby's sensitive derriere...good luck.