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03.30.12 Friday workout - rare double

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by , March 30th, 2012 at 08:23 PM (248 Views)
AM - Swam w/ Dave x 2. Tried to keep it light since we were "called out" by a couple MSA swimmers. Actually, Roger instigated it but it was all for fun and we had a lot of that. Pool temp back down a bit - 84 to 85. Thermometer was missing for some reason. I'm hoping they took it away because they plan on cooling the pool off a little and didn't want people complaining that it was a specific temperature.


400 Warm up

3 Times through:
* 4 x 75 - 1:00
* 200 Pull - 2:30
* 6 x 25 - :40 easy/hard Fly/Back/Breast

400 IM easy (Cool down)

(2750 Total)

PM - Swam w/ Roger and Dave x 2 against Jenny, Kierstin and Martin. Jenny is getting ready for the Olympic trials and the other two are some of MSA's better swimmers. It wasn't looking too promising for the old guys. We set the initial pace at 1:15/100 yards for 2400 yards. Each of us took 200 yards in the lead and 600 yards drafting three times through. The MSA swimmers did 200 yards in the lead and 400 yards drafting 4 times through (since there were only 3 of them). After 2400 yards, the pace limit was dropped and we raced the remaining 800 yards. Swimmer 1 led first and then dropped out at 2600 yards. Swimmer 2 took over and then dropped out at 2800 yards. Swimmer 3 took over and dropped out at 3000 yards. Finally, swimmer 4 sprinted the last 200. The only thing the rest of my team agreed on was that I would be the last guy. It's great they think I can swim that fast for that long but I had my doubts about the choice. Once we sorted out the order, we were off on our 3200 yard journey. It is kind of interesting how it works out. Starting last, I put almost no effort into keeping up. I was doing open turns to keep from running over Dave and even then streamlining off walls in his draft forced me into his feet. As each 200 ticked off and I got closer to the front, it got harder and harder. There was all sorts of noise and turbulence from Dave kicking right in front of me. Then, I flipped to take my turn up front and... silence. It felt like everything was still and I was gliding through the water. After 3 rounds, there was no question I was going to make it. The only issue was whether or not we would give the youngsters a run for their money. At 800 to go, Dave M went up against Kierstin. Each turn, she put a little more distance on us. It was killing me because I was ready to go. Once Roger took over, I was sure we would start picking up the pace. I'm sure we did but when you are sitting in the draft and hardly working, it just feels slow. With 200 to go, I finally got my turn but we were already 25 yards behind. Kierstin was designated to take a second 200 for thier team so I was hoping she was a little tired form beating on Dave earlier. I was able to keep up for 100 yards but then she picked it up and finished me off. I think her last 200 was 2:04. I went 2:13. We tried and had a lot of fun. The rest of the MSA kids cheered us all on. It think that was really the main purpose anyway... get the up and coming swimmers excited about training to do what the big kids can do.


500 Warm up

4 x (600 Draft/200 lead - 1:15 pace)

(3700 Total)

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