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3-20-2009 Fast Fly/Breast

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11:00 AM to Noon at the Downtown YMCA (SCM) coached by Elisa.

450 - Alternate 100 free/50 one arm fly
150 kick on side - alternate dolphin/flutter
3x25 breast stroke with dolphin kick
3x25 two fly/two breast drill - two strokes of each trying to keep the same rhythm.
4x25 fly descend on :40
4x25 breast descend on :40
4x25 free descend on :35 - 1050

Main Set:
75 free all out on 1:20 - went 1:02
2x25 fly all out on :45 - went :25 and :28
50 free all out on 1:00 - went :45
2x25 fly all out on :45 - did one arm fly and went ~:30
175 free recovery on 4:00

75 free all out on 1:20 - went 1:08
2x25 breast all out on :45 - I think I did :24 for the first and about :30 for the second
50 free all out on 1:00 - I could barely see by this point, so I have no idea of how slowly I went.
2x25 breast all out on :45 - went about :28s
175 free recovery on 4:00

6x50 sprint half way and cruise in to the wall - I alternated fly/breast

100 - alternate 1 arm fly and free

2250 meters

I was told that I have a good dolphin kick, but my fly still doesn't feel right. Coach says I need to relax!:-( I don't know how to relax any more! Oh well, I'll keep working on it.

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    Hey TJ,

    I think relaxing during fly is an oxymoron. If I relaxed during fly, it would mean I streamlined off the wall and glided to a stop.

    Maybe you will figure it out, but I hate those people who make fly look easy. I think they lack shoulder blades or something.
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
    I hear ya'! As it is, I forget to SDK off the wall because I'm thinking about how to glide as far as possible without expending any energy!