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Come fly with me to Omaha

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There is nothing that scares me more on this earth than an expanse of water that is 8 feet wide and 50 meters long. I have had some hard-bitten dudes point firearms at me in Guatemala. I have rappelled 100s of feet down into black holes in the ground. I've ridden a mountain bike off of stuff that would give a billy goat vertigo. I am no stranger to dumb-ass nail biter stuff. Having said all that, there is nothing that weakens my knees like standing on the starting blocks at one end of a long course meters pool. I (mostly) don't do the other dumb things anymore... but I still get on those starting blocks. I still feel my stomach turn to water. Nothing is as intimidating (for me) as looking down the length of that 50m. Conversely, there ain't nothing that thrills me more....

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