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Halfway thru P90X!

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Well, I am still going strong!!!

I am halfway thru Week #7 of the 13 week total. This is the 3rd and last week of Phase 2, then the "recovery week" #8. (Plus photo!)

I think the key is proper modification. This is really hard because most people I have talked to say they started it and couldn't finish and/or got injured. There isn't a coach standing next to you telling you what and how to modify, and a lot of people say they get so competitive they try to keep up with Tony & crew. Plus you have to modify in relation to the fact that you are also swimming. The videos don't account for the fact that you are swimming - training - and that a lot of effort is duplicated, so you are going to really hurt yourself by all the double dipping if you don't eliminate/modify those bits. The last thing is not to think of it as a do-or-die in 90 days. If you think of this as a first round sampler, leaving room for heavier weights, more reps, higher/farther leaps, deeper lunges, etc, then you will probably decrease your chances of getting injured. You have all the time in the world, so think of the program and an indefinate and customizable repeat after the first 90 days! Remember, these guys would look completely foolish doing your job, so it is the same thing when you pop in the DVD and try to keep up with them. They were selected because they are super duper good at it, and have rehearsed the sequences for the video not unlike any other type of performance. You aren't going to get on stage and play Hamlet on the first round, so build up to it!

I am happy to report that I can now bicycle backwards for the full 25 count. I could do cross leg instead of full legs out on the cross over sit uppy things, but that was on my strongest day, and I have only done it once. And I can do all 25 sissor kicks (yes, I wait for the number!). The key is to squeeze your butt and use the raised leg as the balancing end, and the down leg (1 inch off the floor, butt squeezed!) as the elongating move.

I skipped the swim meet on Sunday! I was not well over the weekend, so I bagged my cameo 50 free. I mentally calculated I had a low 28 in me, and then decided the recover period AFTER the race would cost me too much of my P90X consistency.


Here is my workout on Monday!
SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
Billy G coached

Here is Billy's commentary on his 1500 LCM fly: He did it the summer of/after 1980 Trials. Since he was in great shape, and trained with a distance donkey team, he decided to try it. His time was 19 something. He made it completely fly legal. The official, who is always really bored in the D-events, had nothing better to do so he walked with Billy the entire way, just to see if he was fly-legal. Billy's time was a big bell curve. Once he got to about 700-800, he was really disgusted. But he decided to just do another 100, another 100, until he got to 1200 and at that point he knew he could finish, and he started getting faster. His last 100 was not as fast as his first, but again, he bell curved his splits.

200 swim/200 kick/200 pull

6 x 75 kick on 1:30
50 smooth/25 strong

8 x 125's pull
4 on 2:00 (yes, I actually used a pull buoy)
4 on 1:45 (no equipment, swam these)

10 x 100's swim
4 on 1:35 descend
1 on 2:00

I gave it a big decend and went 1:11 and 1:10 on the #4's. Solid and strong, i'd say about 92.5% effort.

The End


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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Did you take the before picture, and soon to be after picture for comparison? Have you actually been losing any weight, or purely building more muscle?
    After you finish the whole series, make sure you take a week or two and just sit on the couch and eat bags of chips for sure!!
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Before and after sneak preview pics.

    Notice chowmi's upgraded fierceness?
  3. chowmi's Avatar
    My total weight has gone from 142.8 on Day 1 to 138.4 today. I am only looking to go to 135 or so max. Weight in itself has not been an issue for me, so I don't want to overdo it since it was not my weight that was the limiting factor. I am clearly more dryland fit. Accross the board, I have better conditioning, I can do more reps, more control/balance than at first. And I am gloating over by backward bicycling moves! I'm not sure I am really getting that much stronger, but more coordinated, like from years of not doing relatively simple land exercises. For instance, the Dreya Roll is something you can't really see the difference, but you can feel the control and power difference. So I would say in order, Overall Conditioning, Coordination and Balance Improvement, Cardio/endurance improvement, strength, and last, direct transference to swimming. In most people's 30 day pix, it seems there is an imbalance in month 2. Most women lose it up top and have bigger butt areas, only because it's relative to the upper body loss. I would say i'm a mini version of that; my arms are more defined for sure, especially due to the bicep exercises which arguably aren't often worked as a swimmer. But my bottom is not much smaller except just a bit. The muffin top area is where it stays the longest! PS - I really like the sit against the wall exerices! They are really hard!!!!