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Niskayuna, New York

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I've been working at GE Global Research for the last 7 days and have three more days until I hit the road for home and warmer weather. And the Dona Ana County Senior Olympic swimming games.

I was searching the internet for pools and if you are on the road, I highly recommend It's a great resource for swimming road warriors (not that I am in the road warrior category).

I was thinking of swimming at Union College and it was the first stop after landing at Albany International Airport. The campus is very scenic and the pool looks fab. They had some D3 qualifiers and I think they scored! Unfortunately, spring break was starting and the pool was on limited hours. It has been cold and snowy in the area and just as a rough measure of how the students were starved for sun, a glance at the athletic field revealed students in shorts and t-shirts playing softball and jogging on an artificial turf - surrounded by huge piles of old snow. They were have a good time and it was a warm (45), sunny, crystal clear sky. Everybody seemed pretty happy.

Well, the next stop was the Niskayuna High School pool. It is a beautiful facility- 25 yards by 8 lanes. 13 feet in deep and a bulkhead that partitions the shallow (1ft). The pool is all tile and really nice and clean. The pool officially opens at 6:00am and closes at 7:00am (with additional hours that I counld not make). Did I mention indoors? Nice clean locker rooms and backstroke flags. The only thing missing - a pace clock.

So my workouts are based on breathing cycles. Take 5 breaths and go for the next rep in a set. Kick, pull, swim - the stuff that makes up a good workout.

The local swimmers are pretty stunned in the early hour, so I haven't had much of a chance to talk, but I have made friends with a retired GE engineer. Niskayuna has had several high school AAs in the 2004-2007 seasons. The times are excellent and I think the coach and pool managers are doing a great job.

I'm looking forward to my 6:00am flight departure time and returning to the land of chile and warm weather.

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