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Hello!!! Hello! Everybody!! Its so nice to see you again! What? Where have I been?????

Peach Basket Dive

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Today I worked on my dive. Trying something new. I had learned the flat dive as a kid and have been getting red thighs and goggles coming off. So Bernie and the coach showed me the track start then dive through the peach basket. Head needs to be way down with left foot forward. It is hard to trust new things, but man it felt like hitting the sweet spot when I met the water. A nice glide without much effort under water. Seem impossible that this could be faster, but once I hit the water there was a natural force pulling me forward. Kinda like the twilight zone dodo dodo.....
Let see
4 x

4 minutes each
and then my shoulder said "stop"
With Flippers I did
Katy's drill
underwater hypoxic?
dolphin kicks

50's swim, kick, free

75 free did some 1:02's 10sec rest
25 kick
50 swim rest 10 sec
45 rest in bween sets

Divin' for peaches!!!

cool down
weight machine
abs leg lifts and curls 50lbs 5 x 10 reps

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I was pancaking and belly flopping for a long time as well, probably still am. Makes a difference to go through the basket!
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Did some more of these dive today and they feel awesome.