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Where have I been?

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Wow did the week go fast, I haven't blogged in quite awhile!

The main update is I entered 2 swim meets,
***Local A meet Sat, 06/02
***Texas Senior Circuit #4, Sun, 06/10
so that finally gives me something to get specific about! TSC #4 will be a really big and fast meet, I think. It's one of the last OT qualifying meets (cut off date around 06/18) so I think to keep up with the Jones I can't be dorking around in low 28's.

So, to alter my P90X training, I am doing week #9 and #10 NOW, then do week #8 and week #13 (the "rest" weeks), and then go back to weeks #11 and #12 after that. That means I'll be doing the 2 "rest" weeks going into 06/01 and 06/10.

In the meantime, it's time to start specific training and tapering. No time for more any more conditioning as it is 3 and 4 weeks away from the meets! I started yesterday:

LCM, SMU outdoor pool
Sunday AM workout

300 swim
300 kick
300 pull

4 x 100's on 1:40 descend
1:17?? I doubt it was 1:12.

Main set:
200 easy
4 x 50's "sprint" on 1:10
held 35's

suppose to repeat 3 times, but I did 2 times and got out to get ready for Mother's Day brunch at 11AM.

The 4 x 100's are going to be my cornerstone "conditioning test set" in LCM. If I can do a really solid descend and go to 1:30 interval, that would be great. If I can descend starting at 1:20 quite easily to 1:10 range, then i'll be in very, very good shape. None of this dabbling in the high teens!

Here is the main set/element from Friday's workout:

8 x 75's
2 fast on 1:15 ==> 56, 55
1 easy on 2:00
2 faster on 1:15 ==>53, 52
1 easy on 2:00
2 fastest on 1:15 ==>53, 52
1 easy on 2:00

That was pretty hard. Considering the p90X'ing, I don't feel too bad about the times, but they are definately slower than usual by a modest stairstep. I can go 50's average on faster and fastest, pushing under 50 on a good day. Next season, i'd like to be at 52.5 ave on fast, 50 ave on faster. amd under 50 on fastests.

Next up:
My birthday on May 22nd! I will be 44. I am getting a whole weight set under 20 lbs. I have 3 lb weights but I know i'm getting at least the 5/10/15 and 20's, possibly the 12.5 17.5's as well. Maybe I should ask for the cords as well. I wonder if I should get the women's cords or the men's set.

My plan for the next 4 weeks!!!
Week 1 (this week!) One Sunday sprinty (check!) and here is what I plan on doing today:

400 warm up

8 x 50's kick/drill

8x 25's choice interval
% increases free (fins optional)

16 x 25's choice interval
variables, 4 each stroke (fins optional)

4 x 100's broken on choice interval
100 straight
4 x 25's 5 seconds
Attempt to get to 1:00 min mark with time subtracted. Hmmm...Fins optional here, too.

100's alternating pull/kick on choice interval. solid effort. All equipment. Yes, optional for today.

The End, for today!

Wed - Hopefully I can go to SMU LCM sprint workout in the PM!

Thurs - IM day; either nonspecific and do the workout, or do "test race" day on my own again. I will decide after Wed's workout how to balance out and finish Week #1. This could include gearing up for 1 50, or doing lots of dives, or perhaps even doing some stroke sprints to mix it up.

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Updated May 14th, 2012 at 10:54 AM by chowmi