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End of week report

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I'm back!

So, to recap my week:

Mon - swam on my own. Made the main set into 3 x 100's instead of 4.

100 strong 1:08
50/10/50 1:08
4 x 25's 5 secs 1:04

That was not very fast. I can be at the 1:00 mark on 4 broken and my goal is to be right under.

Wed - I missed evening sprint workout. It starts at 7:15 and that was just way too late. So I took the girls to Golden Corral instead. Total bummer they were not making cotton candy today. But they did put out a fresh batch of Texas Toast!!

Thurs - SCM, noon workout, stroke day
I was totally pooped out.
Main set:
4 x 25's on :30 stroke
2 x 100 IMs on 2:00 fast
repeat 3x each stroke except free
I had to really work to keep 1:22's. In best IM shape, I can go 1:17 averages. This I attribute to being worn down as well as not doing a lot of stroke this past year.

Friday - SCY, noon workout
Main set:

10 x 50 various - transition

4 x 75 on 1:45 1st 25 fast

10 x 50s various drill/swim

4 x 75 on 1:45 1/3 fast; 2/4 easy 51, 50

10 x 50 various pull

4 x 75 on 1:45 1, 3, 4 fast; 2 easy 51, 50,

That was ok. I would like to get in the 48 range. A 50 puts me closer to 1:08, and if I want to swim under 1:05 for a 100 in practice, then I need to be less :17 or around 47,48.

I went to Central Market and bought dinner for two which makes dinner for 4 of us! They had cotton candy at the check out so I bought 2 bags for $1.75, which is actually a great price. It costs $5.00 at Great Wolf Lodge and $2.50 at Justice (tween clothing store).

Update on my birthday:
I know I am getting a Bowflex Power Tower and a free weights set. I found the free weights in the closet under the stairs so I have been sneaking in and using them for
P90X and then putting them back. tee hee!

I haven't gained or lost any weight. I am definately stronger, and I felt so strong running on the street as we chased after a big turtle that I almost ran over in the car. It must have been at least 10 lbs! I am amazed how much pee it can hold in it's body, as we kept picking it up and it would pee. No surprise it was fully retracted in it's shell, and had big claws on it's feet and a big beak. Stupidly, I said, Hey! It's mouth is open! and stuck my finger in it to see if it would nibble. It took a big bite on my index finger, yikes!!! I spent the next 15 minutes doing google searches of "turtle bites". In conclusion, since I am already taking antibotics for something else, and I rinsed thoroughly, I think I will likely be ok.

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