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I swim, therefore I am

Training and Competition Goals - 4/16/12 to 7/14/12

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  1. To complete first 90 day training cycle (TC1) 4/16/2012 - 7/14/2012.
  2. To continue, maintain, diversify dryland strength & flexibility program towards personal fitness, enhancement of swimming, and overall physical performance. Provide encouragement and supervision for my wife and kids in their use of our exercise room.
  3. To prepare highly nutritional and well balanced daily meals, snacks for our kids, wife, and myself.
  4. To ensure as best possible daily good night sleep for everyone in our family.


OW 5K under 1:20:00.00
  • Mira Mar Lakes Open Water Festival Masters 5K on April 29
  • Time: 1:18

  • Further competition to be considered during TC2 based on my results from TC1 and availability to participate. OWS events will be a preference, perhaps a USMS Postal event, along with LCM, SCM, and SCY meets as possible. I have professional and family constraints which restrict possibilities to local & regional events for most of 2012.

LCM FR Goal training sets:
  • 20x100 on 1:30 @1:15
  • 5x200 on 3:00 @2:30
  • 5x400 on 7:00 @5:00
  • 3X200 on 5:00 @2:20
  • 3x100 on 4:00 @1:07

LCM IM Goal training sets:

To build endurance base in Fly, Back, Breast for interval training in TC2. Basic endurance protocal;

  • Fly & BR; 6x100 or 3x200 LCM any pace on 1:00/2:00 rest, build by 50 without stroke failure
  • IM: 4x200 or 2x400 any pace on 2:00/3:00 rest, build by 50/100 without stroke failure
  • Back; 8x50 on 1:00 @39 or 4x100 on 2:00 @1:20

Stroke Technique

Ongoing refinement of stroke techniques for best possible sustainable efficiency.
  • Streamlining
  • Breathing
  • EVF pull at fast pace and when tired
  • Follow through pull & recovery with body aligment on both rotation and undulation strokes


I have tried to outline basic goals for my first 90 day training cycle, although already halfway completed. This 90 day training cycle (TC) is a collection of basic micro 4-7 day work/rest training periodizations for both swimming and dryland, and subject to the whims and flow of family life and other obligations.

The swimming I did before starting this first TC was general lap swimming with an occasional strong effort. The difference for me now is training focus, goals and having a Coach on deck Mon, Wed, and Fri who inspires me and other swimmers. After my 5K OW swim, I typed out a competition goal times "wish list", that I will review when starting TC2.

In high school and college I was a seasonal swimmer, and my previous masters swimming was about participating in events more than training and preparation. Now I want to build a good endurance swimming fitness towards reaching my training goals and to have fun competing. At the moment I am motivated take on the challenge.

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