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Signs of speed in water!

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Well, I must say, I am quite pleased with that indirect benefit from P90X'ing. The first several weeks I made myself do it (Bring it!) and when I went to sleep, it was more like passing out immediately upon pillow contact. Now I have the usual anxiety and several trips to the potty before finally sleeping, so my endurance must be up, since yes, I am writing it down and setting my goals and making the last 3 burn, etc etc....and I am happy to report that I can now do the entire plyoX without my minitramp!

Anyway, my swimming feels more zippy again.

Sat/Sun - off. One day I took the girls free swimming and just splashed around.

Mon - main set was 2 moving interval sets of 50 frees. The 1st was like this:

2 x 50 on :55 commentary: easy
2 x 50 on :45 keep it easy; don't panic here
2 x 50 on :50 easy
2 x 50 on :40 strong but easy as possible
2 x 50 on :45 this is harder than it seems after the :40's
2 x 50 on :35 blasto. yes, I made 'em!!

"Subtract 10, add 5"

the next set was:

1 x 50 on :55
2 x 50 on :45
3 x 50 on :50
4 x 50 on :40
5 x 50 on :45
6 x 50 challenge interval, 35 no one did this interval.
I suggest to my lanemate to do 4 x 50 on :37.5, so you are really keeping an eye for #2 at the 1:15 and to bring it home on #3 and #4 and be ahead of the 2:30. I made it at the :29 mark on #4, right under my total elapsed 2:30! I was glad to modify, 'cause I knew i'd give up at #3 had we tried for 6.

Tuesday: Stroke day
The main sprinty bits were
8 x 50 on 1:10
1st 25 blast stroke/2nd 25 easy
I went strong through the turn and 1st stroke. That was sort of fun.

Wednesday: Here is where I could really tell my conditioning improvement. I rarely have it in me to go 3 hard days in a row. Last set, 4 x 100's

100 straight 1:30
50/50 :50 base
4 x 25's :30 base
bonus 20 seconds
100 all out 1:07 very flat. that was very good and I felt pretty strong. I would like to be under 1:05 on a challenge like that, but I can see where I just didn't have the umph from the start. But much more umph than lately!!

Total bummer I lost my goggles. Either someone else picked them up, or I truly didn't see them the last practice and didn't put them in my bag. I couldn't help having that stupid look on my face, like, where are my goggles? I lost my goggles! Did someone pick up my goggles? Who was I swimming with yesterday? And then poking around in my empty bag, and even looking in my fin-pockets to see if they would magically appear. I borrowed Jim Montgomery's goggles for warm up but then I just went without goggles the rest of workout. I don't think it really affected my speed, even though my eyes were really burning and blurry by the end of workout.

I think I may have a solid effort in me for next week's 50 free. But I am constantly thwarted with my docket days - the days I am completely full has always been on days before a swim meet! Oh well, I can't complain since it's nice to have a good job.

I set up my Bowflex Power Tower! Talk about humbling. It is so hard to do chin ups from a completely dead position with knees tucked. I really need that swinging action and breakstroking wildly to get myself up. So it's a good thing the dip bar moves so I use it as an assist.

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