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Run, bike, and an eagle

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Two mile trail run this morning with my dog. Surprisingly, the heat did not bother me too much. Still thinking about the squats and running thing. I might pick up the running but continue the squats but at a very low weight. I like the exercise for simple functional strength.

This afternoon, I rode my bike in my neighborhood which happens to be very rural. I call it my workout mecca because it is the perfect place to bike and run. Little traffic and not too many dogs. As I was biking down one road, I saw an EAGLE, a real live one, sitting in my neighbor's front yard. It was huge! At first I thought it was a statue, but then I saw it moving and realized it was the real thing. It must have two feet tall.

Anyway, I rode 10 miles, averaging 17.2 mph. My heart rate for the ride averaged 159.

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