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Missed my swim meet!

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Well, I decided to skip the 50 free on Saturday. I ate way too much junk food on Thursday, and then was awake in the middle of the night with a terrible stomach ache, which continued into Friday and was really bad by the time I finished my creditors' meetings. Along with handling all their IDs, I think that tipped me over the edge. I took a 2 hr nap which I thought would ruin my nighttime (5-7pm) but I had no trouble passing out by 10pm. So I decided to skip the early morning 50 free. I woke up and mentally calculated I had a low 28 in me, but then i'd be set back for days of discomfort, which I cannot afford with this weeks activities: trial set, the 1st summer league, swim meet, annual mammogram, and a bunch of other time criticial must-be-in-the-office work stuff.

I swam ZERO workouts last week! I did get in on Tuesday and swam 1000 on my own. The next time I swam was

Today, Sun, 06/03 on my own
SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

500 warmup

8 x 50 on :50
Speedo Optimus Fins, snorkel, and paddles

16 x 25
evens fast on :30
odds easy on :45
2 fast each stroke

100 easy

4 x 50 fast from a dive
easy 100 in between
no interval, but around 4 min per 50
free 32
fly 32
free 30
fly 33

That was pretty good! I was quite pleased with my modest speed. Not as far off as I thought I would be, and solid times. I am very pleased with holding speed close to where I want to START training. I think a huge stairstep is to get 50 free's under 30 in practice for this type of set, and the 50 flys at 31's or even 30's.

Both my girls did awesome in school this year. They both go the the William B. Travis (of the Alamo fame) Vanguard (which is what they call the 4-5 grade school, then Academy for 6-8). They both made Straight A Honor Roll, which is a really big deal! They are now doing summer league swimming and karate 2x per week. I don't really believe in over-enrichment during the summer. They want to read every book on their summer reading list (a few required, but they have learned early on to get every extra credit point!) and they are continuing with their daily Kumon. I'm going to watch Trials with chowsh, a solo vacation for me! And then we are going to Pittsburgh to see my parents and back to Breckenridge for our summer vacation - and this year chowsh is joining us! As usual, i'm going to boss her around.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Life getting in the way of swimming again -- been there way too many times. Sounds like you're rolling with it.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    I ate way too much junk food on Thursday, and then was awake in the middle of the night with a terrible stomach ache, which continued into Friday
    The trick is to stay away from the junk food, and just do fast food!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Meets are no fun if you go to them not feeling well. I think you were smart to skip.

    Congrats to your girls. I likewise believe in a low key summer. My 11 year old is doing nothing but summer swim league.

    Watching trials -- awesome!