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One swim practice this week!

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Well, I made it to one swim practice this week!

SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
Bobby Patten coached

250 warm up
suppose to be 400 total, but I didn't get it all in

6 x 75 kick on 1:30
no fins kick on back

400 pull
==> pull every other 50

Main set:

6 times through:
100 on 1:20
50 fast on 1:20
===>I did 50 moderate, 50 fast
33 33 31 31 31 30

100 easy

6 times through:
75 on 1:00
25 on 1:00
==>25 easy/25 fast
15 15 14 14 14superflat 14superflat

Easy 50

The End
I am totally going back to my old ways. There is no point in swimming moderately strong 150's and 100's when my main focus is a 50. I was able to really put punch into my sprints today, plus Bobby made some recommendations for my sprint. He said it looked a bit wierd I was holding too long in front and rotating a bit too much for a dead sprint, so even though I was going 31's at first, I did a 30 on the last one with just that subtle change.

I do plan on going to the Texas Senior Circuit #4 this Sunday. It's in Mansfield, about 45 mins away but an easy drive. Hopefully I won't feel bad on that day, as I have been sickly and inconsistent day over day. I'm not going to swim tomorrow, just to make sure I won't overdo it before the meet. At this point, I am better off just resting!!

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