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Swin N Spin

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Tuesday morning hit the pool for a swim workout and followed it with a spin on the Schwinn Spinner bike. Did a long warm-up as I am not a morning person. Workout went as follows:

100 swim, 100 kick,300 pull
2 x 200 dolphin kick on back with fins
1 x 100 back pull with paddles

4 x 75 with fins on 1:45 - 25 drill/25 kick/25 swim - odds were fly and evens were back

3 x 200 - 100 pull/100 kick - odds were free, #2 was back

100 easy

Followed immediately with 30 min spin on stationary bike. Sweated buckets!

Active rest - walked 1 mile with dog

30 minute sprint run/walk with dog - 2 minute warm-up walk and then alternated 3 minute run with 2 minute walk. Once I had done about a mile, I really pushed it and sprinted the runs. Got 2.5 miles done in 25:17(this includes the 2 minute warm-up walk). Walked another 5 minutes.

Followed run with a 30 minute ride on my bike. Love biking in my neighborhood - very few cars and I know where the dogss are. Did 8.25 miles, averaging 16.3 mph. Average HR was 152.

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Updated June 7th, 2012 at 08:50 PM by elise526