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I swim, therefore I am

Friday, June 8 2012

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LCM @FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 84, pool at 78, water clarity 100%
Partly cloudy with intermittant sunshine

Warmp Up
200 FR - desc by 50, 1-4

*Set 1*
1x5000 FR Swim for time

Time: 1:08:56

  1. 13:50
  2. 13:45
  3. 13:49
  4. 13:52
  5. 13:40

200 EZ

  • This swim was better than expected and I was pleased with the results, particularly the last 1000 holding a 1:22/100 pace. It was my best effort I could do today by myself as the last 200 took all my focus to hold on.
  • I have not done a straight 5000/5K pool swim since early April or late March, not including the Miramar Masters 5K on 4/29. Previously in January, February, and March I was doing 5000 yard straight swims about 2-3 times a week. Today I wanted see if I still could make a good effort, and was fortunate that a FGCU college student/swimmer offered to get my splits.
  • I was also inspired in part by an article I recently re-read again by Wayne Goldsmith "The Top Ten Technique Tips for Every Swimmer". I was able to keep refreshing my stroke and tempo maintaining momentum thinking about "soft hands and feel", "relaxed, calm" strokes, " the power circle (power on - power off)", and "tall, long, strong".

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Good article. Just reinforces key points I forget on a daily occurrence
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    Yes... same for me, I even made a very simple laminated checklist of the key points to review before swimming.