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A Week of Taper?....i hope it works

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by , March 26th, 2009 at 04:06 PM (626 Views)
I have increased my yardage and changed my freestyle this year(more EVF stroke).
I believe the combination of more h2o resistance and higher yardage at faster paces has almost trashed my shoulders. They feel good when I swim but they ache when I'm on land and even more in bed at night. I am hoping this week's taper resolves some of this ache and gives them time to recycle for some great summer training. Here is the total yards each day of the taper. I have been doing short sets with more rest but faster swims. Each day I have warmed-up with an easy 500 free with concentration of efficient flip turns.

Sunday-2,550 (worked on starts/relay starts too)
Monday-Did nothing but stretch and core work
Tuesday-1,900 LC meters at Fisher's (the pool where the state meet will be) We didn't know it was going to be LC, but it felt nice to swim long and stretch out a little.
Wednesday-2,000 I was having such a great swim I forgot to stop at 1,500 and accidently did an extra set of 50's.
Thursday- I haven't gone yet but I'm doing 1,500 and stopping. 500 warm-up, 5X100 on 2:15(half IM/half free), 10X50 on 1:10 (all Free)
Easy 100 back cooldown.
Friday-Doing nothing except stretch/core work. I will get a good warm-up before my 1.650 then swim like a 53 year old she-demon! (I hope) I would like to do well on my 200 Free which is the first event after the 1650. The other 2 events will just be to scrape up any points I can get for the Nasti's. Sunday is the same plan....1,000 first thing in the morning, 500 Free is the last event of the day. The other 2 events are just for the "old gipper"!

The speed suit I garnered is the Blue Seventy Point Zero 3. This is a swim skin made for triathletes/open water. I am not really sure what the difference is between the PS3 and the Nero. I am going to give it a shot on the 1,650....if I hate it I'll just retire it till OW season and give it another try. I am really not a picky person so it will probably feel fine...I hope at least.

My son returned home after a winter in Tempe, AZ. He is home for 2 weeks then heads off to the "Big Apple" NYC! Sometimes I wish I could be him!
I just got a "student teacher" who will be with me for the rest of the year. He's a cutie and seems to have a great way with the students! He will take classes over after next week!

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Sorry about the shoulders! I think I read that you were doing RC exercises, right? EVF and increased yardage can take a toll though. Try to increase gradually. Ice!

    The point zero is the B70 suit that Chris wears. It should be very fast in the pool too. I bet you'll like it.