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David W Cochran

Saturday June 15 - Long Course Swim

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Swam at the Huntsville Natatorium with Peter and Dave and the Huntsville swimmers (Mary, Sally, Brandon, and Bob). i am still getting used to long course - this is only the seventh or eighth time I have ever swam meters.

Didn't swim Thursday or Friday (got up Friday and got dressed to swim then went back to bed - still tired). Felt better today so maybe I'm recovering. Still I didn't really push anything hard.

Brook, the coach, always mixes up sets.

200 free
300 kick
2x100 free
200 -free 1st and last 50, back in the middle
300 free
400 - free with back in the middle
4x100 free pull
4x50 Free 1&4, back 2&3
200 free
100 kick
300 back in the middle
200 free
200 free pull
4x100 pull alternating back/free
2x100 free
4x100 pull alt. free/back
100 free

4300 meters
80 minutes

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  1. pmccoy's Avatar
    Hmmmm.... this workout looks familiar. But I don't remember Brook saying we could substitute fly/breast for free/back .