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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 06/18/12:

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Today I was able to meet up with GregJS near his home, just over the Green Mountains from me, to take a dive into the Harriman Reservoir for a long swim. I took up his offer to paddle as we embarked on a 2.5-3 hr swim, and it worked out that today was the day. I slathered on a total of two coats of the Coppertone kids spf50 (with zinc oxide) and headed out from the house.

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I met up with Greg at 1:40pm and we headed to the Oxbow Boat Launch area right off Route 9. I was interested in putting my feeding schedule to the test during a long swim, and also trying the storage and method of feeding. I have The Big Bobber cooler and have found that it does float in the water while fishing, so I roped it onto the kayak thinking that it would just float along. Well, it didn't. A few minutes after starting our swim around 2:30, I noticed that Greg had not caught up to me. I looked back to see the bobber sinking as it filled up with water! Must have been the force of dragging it through the water that did it in. It so happened that it sat comfortably over his lap on the kayak (minus the extra water, of course) and didn't impede paddling, so he just ported it that way for the rest of the swim.

It was another glorious day for a swim. The water was clear and clean, with visibility to about 8 feet. The sun was shining high above through the blue skies, occasionally hiding behind a passing cloud. Air temp was around 74, water temp perceived at 69. We swam into a headwind the first half of the swim, as well as some passing swells from powerboats. Overall, not very busy on the lake and we picked out objects ahead to swim to.

Here is a link to the path of the swim. We made it withing sight to the first island and decided to turn around and head back. Swimming from the eastern to western bank was perhaps the most scary part of the trip, as boats were coming in both directions. I used it as a midway sprint to lessen our exposure, and it turns out the boats stayed away until we were on the other side.

I again used my safe swimmer buoy and experienced no issues with it. It did tug a little more today when the chop on the lake increased, but not to the point of being a distraction. It was fun swimming the reservoir, as there were no weeds to contend to . The only freaky thing was the random, but regular bubbles rising up from the abyss. I convinced myself that these were from the decomposing plant matter at the bottom of the lake, and not a snapping turtle or sucker-fish. Greg confirmed that the Harrimonster was reeled in at some point in the past few years, but could not fully confirm that it did not leave a spawn that might be following me.

Ended up swimming 4.42 miles in just under 2 hours 28 minutes (1.8 mph pace). The feedings went well, although I am going to change the first hour to include a half feed of carbohydrate and electrolytes - I was really craving the salty stuff and didn't taste it until the 2nd hour. I was really fortunate that Greg (THANKS GREG!) was able to take time out of his day to slowly explore the Harriman with me, as well as let me borrow a cap (since I forgot mine). Great day for a swim all around!

Oh, graduation was also a real blessing over the weekend. Emma's ceremony was not too long nor boring, and she went to the "all night party" as we rolled some deli meat and got prepared for her party on Saturday. Lots of family and friends came to enjoy the sunny afternoon, which included a bouncy house that only tipped over when I was in it. I also had a relaxing Father's Day, which included a hammock assembled by the kids and Lena, and a campfire and smore's at night. Adding to that, my big brother Bryan and family are visiting from Washington State for the week, so it has been fun catching up with them (including my ten-month-old niece).

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job on the loooooooong swim. I like LCM so much more now after reading that! I think a 1 hour swim would be about my max...maybe a little more, but not by much.
  2. jbs's Avatar
    Looks like a beautiful spot to swim! And good thing you had that buoy on with all of the boats. Boats scare me as well -- though not as much as jet skis.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    Looks like a beautiful place to swim, although both the air and water temp sound a bit chilly.

    Are you planning to do any NYC swims this year?

    And are you sure this isn't the reason for all the bubbles?
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  4. GregJS's Avatar
    It was great to be out there on the water on such a gorgeous day in support of a worthy cause as you prep for your 10 miler. Great swim. Today in the pool I thought about what it would be like to swim 2.5 times longer - without ever touching the bottom or hanging on to the wall for a break.

    Oh - and I bet on future kayaking trips, I'll never forget my paddle again!!
  5. mcnair's Avatar
    Nice swim and loved the description! Gonna get me one of those safety buoys too. The air and water temps sounded perfect to me... our lakes are starting to heat up into the mid 70s now with a couple of weeks of hot weather... they'll be at 80 before long.
  6. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    That sounds delightful! And I'm glad you made it back to shore without spotting any monsters!
  7. rxleakem's Avatar
    It was a great swim that I've been meaning to do for some time now.

    Greg laughed when I told him that I could hear the hear the boats approach based on the whirling sounds from the engine - almost like feeling a train coming by putting your ear on the track.

    No NYC swims, Tim. With everything happening I don't have the time to squeeze one in. Have fun with the Liberty swim.

    Soon I will be on the hunt for Memephre! You will all get a chuckle from my fear of sharks when I swim open water. I guess I watched Jaws too many times as a kid growing up. It is easy for your mind to play tricks with you when your swimming for hours on end.