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Hi old friends!

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I squeezed this solo workout in after summer school and right before the senior swimmers started. I was really hungry but working hard to get as much in as I could in 60 minutes.

**500 Freestyle wu pace
**400 IM moderate
**300 freestyle pull w/paddles
**200 IM hard
**100 IM easy
:20 rest between each
**12 X 100 Freestyle descending each interval of 4(1:50 / 1:45 / 1:40)
**4 X 75 IMRoll @ 1:30
**4 X 50 Free @ :50
**Kick till I had to get out (200)

3,400 scy

I've got 1 week of summer school left and then I'll really have a few weeks of summer break!
I'm starting to get excited about scy nationals in Indy next spring! I'll be going for pr's while on beta blockers. I'm resigning to the fact that life comes in stages and one should be thankful for what they're given and make the best of whatever they get. This is my new mantra!!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Hurray you're back! I'm very glad.
    Cool that nats will be a home meet for you next year!
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Hi Swimsuit addict! Are you doing the manhatten swim this week-end?
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bobinator
    Hi Swimsuit addict! Are you doing the manhatten swim this week-end?
    Nope, But I'll be crewing on Saturday, so I'll get to go around the island by boat and watch the action up close!
  4. qbrain's Avatar
    Aloha Bob! (I am not in Hawaii and neither are you, but we can pretend.)

    That was a rockin' 60 minute workout.