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With only a week to go until I attempt Stage 7 of the 8 Bridges swim, three questions remain:

1. Will my nasty, impinged shoulders survive? My guess is, yes they will. Between my two best friends pictured below, a big rubber band and my physical therapist, I think I'm in with a shot;

2. If my shoulders survive, will my extremely low-mileage training get me there? Yes to that too. Not sure how, but yes.

and the last and most important question is the only one to which I have no answer

3. What suit will I wear?

Clockwise from upper left, we have

a.the Toowoon Bay SLSC suit that I wore for my fizzled out Catalina attempt. This is the club my nephews and niece do nippers at in Australia, and I've swum there a few times. I owe this suit some redemption. It's as comfy as can be but needs the straps shortened.
b. a new suit in a nice maroon color.
c. a fairly worn out but comfy black suit with red piping around the edges. Possibly still full of pollen from the lake because the last time I wore it I got a rash on my chest.
d. a new Speedo super skinny, super small buttocked suit that I bought recently, hoping I could wear it to even out my tan lines. It has a cut out waist. I don't think my waist is meant to bulge out of the cutouts but it does.
e. Sparkles the Red. Super comfy, sparkly. This suit has everything. I did get a slight under arm chafe wearing it for 3 hours yesterday.
f. The Thunder from Downunder (this refers to my thighs, not my heritage). As worn in Kingdom swim and Swim the Suck in 2010. Getting a little worn out, but so am I.
g. The White Suit.
h. Rob Aquatics. Veteran suit. No futher explanation needed.

What'll it be?

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  1. ViveBene's Avatar
    Sparkly red one.
    I've seen swimmers with orthopedic tape (my term) on their shoulders. I assumed it was to hold moving parts in semi-correct position, or at least gate the position (no going beyond this point!).
    You'll be fine! Training is overrated.
  2. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Sparkle, with some body glide, because you know where it could be uncomfortable and how to stop it. You don't know that about (say) the cut out waist suit, or the Catalina suit after you take up the straps.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    I like the story behind the Toowoon Bay SLSC suit, so I'd say go with that.
  4. jethro's Avatar
    I second the Toowoon Bay SLSC suit.
  5. swimshark's Avatar
    Sparkle suit! We all know you will shine in your swim.
  6. SwimStud's Avatar
  7. jim thornton's Avatar
    The white one. That way it will be easier to spot you in the waters of New York City. Honestly, no one makes a condom that big, so you won't need worry about being mistaken for a Brooklyn whitefish.

    The white suit.

    Because survival is the most important goal of this race.
  8. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Sparkly red! What could be better than ruby slippers, only as a swimsuit?
    I hereby crown Thunder first runner up.
    (And the RobAquatics suit wins Miss Congeniality, of course.)

    Looking forward to seeing you! Safe travels!
  9. RobbieD's Avatar
    Miss Congeniality for the RobAquatics suit? Hmmm... I'll take it
  10. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RobbieD
    Miss Congeniality for the RobAquatics suit? Hmmm... I'll take it
    Just to clarify: I meant that in a totally good, awesome-guy-who-is-a-great-ambassador-for-the-sport-and-seems-to-crew-for-everyone-on-the-planet kind of way.
  11. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    I'm such an idiot! the obvious answer would have been to swim every stage and wear one suit each day, except for the small bummed black suit, which would never be found after I put it on.

    At this point the Toowoon Bay is in the lead, with my sister voting for it. I tried out my strap repair job yesterday in the lake and so far, so good!

    Miss Congeniality might have some competition soon. That new Rob Aquatics suit is something special!
  12. Bobinator's Avatar
    Definitely the red sparkle suit!!!!!! Like Dorothy and her red ruby slippers, you will find your way home in this suit!!