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Last workout before Omaha!

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by , June 27th, 2012 at 03:06 PM (665 Views)
It's been awhile, but here's a blog post to tie you over until Omaha commentary!

SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
Jim Montogomery on deck
No, he isn't going to Trials. He has jury duty.

300 warm up
==> I did about 200

300 pull
==>no, did 3 x 50's pull

300 kick

200 swim
200 pull
200 kick
Yes, I had to lead these and boy was that miserable.

100 swim
100 pull
100 kick
Yes, I lead again and this wasn't so bad

Main set:
4 rounds
100 moderate 1:30
50 build :45
2 x 25 's on :25
1 easy 50 no interval

I did the first round, but this set wasn't working for me. It was too fast before the 25's and I felt I wasn't getting anything out of the set so I did this for the last 3 rounds:

100: no, easy 50
50: smooth 50
2 x 25's: broken 50 25/5/25
times: 31 31 30very flat

That was a decent set, and times that would be good "in season". But alas, the sub :30 still eludes me. I did not actually see the 9, so I don't count it as a 29 even though it might have been, since there is a delay from finish to looking at the clock. I don't count it as 29 unless i see it. Emphasis was going as smooth but fast as possible on the 1st 25, then blast it on the 2nd 25.

Next up: Pack for Omaha!

For some reason I have been craving beans - black beans, refried beans, sweet bbq beans, you name it. What do you think this means? I probably need the protein?

Ice cream:
Soft serve vs. traditional. the nice thing about soft serve in a cake cup is how it's all perfectly mushed into the bottom bee-hive area. (That is, as long as you don't move the cone as the soft serve is being packed in.) The problem with some of the traditional ice cream is if they don't fill up the bottom first, then you have to very carefully lick-down the ice cream and jam it into the bottom while also licking the ice cream. The muffin top adds anxiety when I eat it because it could either melt or fall off. With soft serve, you only have to stick out your tongue, and twirl the cone around to keep the ice cream squarely centered in the cone with no drip areas.

One way to solve this is to get the upgraded waffle cone, then your ice cream is safely nestled inside the waffle. But it is still a race against the clock, as it may drip out the bottom when you have a pointy cone. Drumsticks are awesome for this reason, since they inject that chocolate stopper at the bottom.

Next up: Funnel cake and other delights in Omaha!!

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    One goal I've always had is to push a sub 30.00 SCM free at practice, a 29.99 would make me very content. Been trying consistantly for almost 3 years, however I haven't really had an ice cream treat either. Maybe I'll try it and see what happens.