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Blowing the Taper! $@&%@*$#&*!!

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Friday 6/29/12
Sometimes no matter what you try to do to be completely rested, real life has a way in interfering with your plans. I had planned Friday as a rest day, but what I hadn't planned on was having to spend half the day on a survey crew in the hot sun staking a parking lot for a paving job. So now because of the constant walking, kneeling, squatting, and swinging a 2# hammer I'm a bit sore. I hope the soreness passes and I can recover sufficiently before Friday that there wasn't too much of an adverse impact. But I now have the attitude that no matter what I will just have fun and take what happens without any expectations.

Was in Boise ID for the weekend to get a massage and hang out with my coach.

300 swim back & free
200 kick
2 x 50 build
3 x 50 off blocks with breakout and 3-4 fast strokes then easy; 2 backstroke & 1 fly

750 easy back and free

Total: 1500 yards

Sunday: Massage and a short walk with coach and her dog. No swim.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    You'll be fine by Friday, especially with that massage! See you soon.