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Sunday, 07/08 LCM

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Today I went to the Sunday SMU LCM 9am workout and braced myself for a July Swim for Distance Workout. It wasn't too bad since there were only a few people in the lane and I had lots of clear space to do dives.

500 warmup
==>no, 200 was enough.
and an inside joke for chowsh, "not enough! not enough!"

12 x 50 on 1:00

ok, so here is my huge pet peeve, not swimming with most of these folks at Baylor noons. anyone not using a kickboard was essentially doing 1 arm drills on the kick, and swimming on the drill. to top that off, the guy next to me was leaving 2 seconds early. not a shade or 1 second early, like 2 seconds as in his wind up started nearly at 4 seconds till. it drove me CRAZY!!!

Main set:

2 times through:
3 x 100's
6 x 50's
============>no. absolutely not. skip conditioning and go straight to speed work. for the rest of the year.

Set 1:
My main emphasis was during the 400's
4 x dives + 12.5's to 25's
2 x 100's fly drill
6 x 50 easy

Set 2:
2 x fast 50's from a dive.
Coach said I did 31's but I thought it was slower. Boy was that hard!!! I am totally out of LCM shape.

2 x 100 fly drill
4 x 50 fly drill

The End

Ok, that was totally better than doing 2 x 400's. I really got a better feel for my dives from the SMU blocks, which have more of a universal slope than the relatively flat Baylor blocks.

I swam on Friday, and did mix 25's and some with my monofin, and the main set was 6 dives with plenty of rest. The last one I did as a full 50 and went 30 flat, quite possibly a 29 as I was in mid air said to myself, "crap, I left late." but, i didn't see a 29, so i don't count as it such.

I was extremely tired from Friday to now. For the very FIRST time, I actually stopped the P90X tape midway on Saturday. I have NEVER done that before. I will not swim tomorrow, and probably not on Tuesday, due to my kids' summer swim league divisionals.

Here are their events, SCY:
11 yr old 50 free 34; 100 IM 1:24; 50 fly 40
10 yr old 100 IM 1:33; 25 back 19; 25 fly 20

The important thing is they are swimming the 100 IM, and I think that is the best bang for your summer league bucks and get to swim all 4 strokes and that's good practice.

Going to Pittsburgh in less than 2 weeks. Then going to Breckenridge in one month. I may swim with my brother or my old club team while home in Pittsburgh, but maybe not. Will watch the Olympics!!!

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