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Answers to questions posed in previous blog:

1. yes;
2. yes; and
3. Toowoon Bay!!

I'd like to say thankyou to Chaos, Rondi Davies, Swimsuit Addict, Suzie Dods, my boat Captain, kayaker, and everyone else (USMS nicknames unknown) that organized and helped with the 8 Bridges swim. What a wonderful experience!!

I was so worried I barely slept the two nights prior to swimming, and could not take in much breakfast prior to getting on my escort boat, World Class. Worry is such a waste of energy. All anyone can do is jump in and swim, but tides, shoulders and various other body parts can go in the wrong direction at any time and I was hugely relieved and overjoyed to make the swim with no shoulder pain at all.

It helped enormously that I was sent off a little early, before the ebb tide started. One of the other swimmers (Martin Tureky) and I jumped about an hour and a half (??) before the tide turned and swam very close to the New Jersey side of the river, out of the opposing current, until the tide turned. I enjoyed this part of the swim very much! The houses along the shore were amazing. One of them had a huge waterfall. I might have been gawking a bit too much because my paddler, Teddy Gruber, told me to stop sighting and swim.

I'm always restless during the first couple of hours of a swim, but this swim was a little easier on my mind than most. On the whole, I felt more "in the moment" during this swim than ever before. I never felt as though I wanted to be anywhere other than exactly where I was. . I had calm water and lots to look at while swimming. I've established a pattern of feeding every half an hour and this seems to work very well, especially while swimming. The Maxim, water and apple juice recipe I borrowed from Evmo worked perfectly, though I'll try to add some little extras next time for variety if I do any longer swims. My crew and paddler were great, and seemed to be always in the right place at the right time. It's the most relaxed I've ever felt with a boat and kayak supporting me. Swimsuit Addict and Suzie Dods provided laughs and endless encouragement.

At times I watched the scenery go past and at times I thought of nothing at all and was surprised when it was time for my next feed. The water got a little sloppy and randomly choppy in a few places. I don't remember where, exactly. I felt uncoordinated and grumpy in these places, but the neon handclappers Suzie was waving at me cheered me up. Thanks to Swimsuit Addict for swimming the last hour with me!!!

I'd decided before the swim that passing the Statue of Liberty was to mark the end of and complete good riddance to a difficult period for me. Done. Thanks crew for getting this picture!!!

ps. "I don't like Mondays" was playing on my escort boat when I finished my swim. This song had been in and out of my head the whole swim. Captain claimed it had not played on the radio until the end. Not sure I believe him!

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Updated July 9th, 2012 at 12:11 AM by Chicken of the Sea



  1. chaos's Avatar
    Lovely write up Chick-OC!
    Sorry we didn't have a chance to hang out a bit more. Congrats on a great swim. I am really glad you joined us!
  2. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Thanks! It's not really finished, but I thought I'd get something down before I forget.
    I meant to make it to Brighton on the 4th but slept in.
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    It was a complete joy watching you swim--you looked so relaxed and happy and confident as you stroked along! Congrats again on your great swim! I hope you'll come back to swim in NYC waters soon!
  4. rxleakem's Avatar
    That is an awesome swim - what a great leg to finish out the event!