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2012 Summer Nationals

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Got home from Omaha this morning and I am exhausted! As soon as I was unpacked I took a nap. Just now starting to feel human again so thought I should update this.

My son went with me and competed in the 18-24 age group. He did very well with 2 - 2nd place, 2 - 4th place, and a 10th place finishes. It was fun having him there with me and he seemed to even enjoy hanging with dad and all his old friends.

I had a very good meet and met my expectations in all my swims and even approached my lifetime bests in a few of them. We arrived late Thursday afternoon and was able to get to the pool for a short swim in the warmup pool. It was awesome to see an entire 8 lane 50 meter pool with a 6 lane 25 yard(?) pool adjacent to it just for warmups. And 2 sprint lanes with blocks available the entire time. After a short warmup of 500 or 600 meters we left and went to dinner with Fortress. Was great to see her again.

50 Freestyle - 31.07: This was a good swim even though I am really slow off the blocks (reaction time was .89). I wanted to swim this taking only 2 breaths but had to sneak in a third breath at about 10m to go. The swim felt good and strong and I didn't seem to drop off too much on my arm speed at the end. Ended up 13th in my age group. I've only done LCM Summer Nationals twice previously and by comparison, I went 30.60 in 2008 Summer Nationals and 30.00 in 2009.

100 Freestyle - 1:10.56 (34.05-36.51): another good swim and my start was a little better (r=.82). I won my heat which was exciting. Ended up 14th in my age group.
I went 1:08.11 in 2008 Summer Nationals and 1:11.19 in 2009.

50 Backstroke - 36.60: Great start (r = 0.67) and I went 12 SDK to about 12m before breakout. I kept good kick and fast arm speed throughout the swim. Was off just a bit at the finish and had a short glide before touching. Was 10th in my age group.
I went 37.14 in 2008 Summer Nationals and 36.57 in 2009.

100 Backstroke - 1:23.31 (40.75-42.56): Another great start (r = .67) and felt strong through out the swim. This one hurt a bit though and I really had to focus to not let my kick and arm speed drop off in the final 25. Finished 9th in this event.
I went 1:22.55 in 2008 Summer Nationals and 1:23.28 in 2009.

50 Butterfly - 34.81: Start was better than the free races (r=.81) and after 8SDK I brokout and had a good swim. I really died at the end though. My son said I should have taken my 1st breath earlier in the race which might have helped. I was breathing every 5 strokes early then went to every 3 in the final 15+20 m. I swam faster in May for this event but I'm still pleased with it. I haven't spent a lot of time practicing fly and so not disappointed at all. I placed 8th in this event.
I went 33.04 in 2008 Summer Nationals and 35.52 in 2009.

All in all a very good meet and I'm pleased that I'm still swimming times close to what I did 4 years ago. I had a lot of fun and was great to see old friends and make some new ones. Now I'm going to take it easier the remainder of the summer, do more biking and maybe a few open water swims. There are also 2 aquabike events in Idaho later this month and August and I might try to do one or both.

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  1. jswim's Avatar
    Congrats to both you and your son on a successful nationals meet!!

    Welcome back... now get back to work!
  2. That Guy's Avatar
    Good job, poolraat! It was nice to meet you and your son at the meet.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Sounds like a great father-son adventure! Very impressive swims, too.