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I swim, therefore I am

Monday, July 9 2012

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SCY @Fort Myers Aquatic Center

  • Air temp of 88, pool at 83, 90% water clarity.
  • Sunny skies with humidity at 72%

Warm Up
  1. 1x400 FR DPS
  2. 4x50 on :45 desc 1-4

*Set 1*
2x2000 FR on 25:00

  1. 23:56
  2. 23:38

EZ 200 FR

  • Warm water again.
  • Doing my best to hold on to my base endurance pace with limited summer training. When my kid's school year starts in early August, I will be able to swim at the FCGU Aqutic Center where the LCM pool consistently has a water temp of between 77-80.
  • My kids are having great summer, and when my 14 year old son returned from his month long trip offering to help with the dishes after dinner, my wife and I continued to be thankful observing his recent developing maturity & responsibility this summer, particularly after a challenging 9th grade year. At this point, things are looking good for his 10th grade year.

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