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Wed, 07/11/12

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by , July 11th, 2012 at 03:39 PM (473 Views)
The most exciting thing is how my girls did at the summer league championship meet. Here are the results, they are in A division, and you'd have to know their last name since it isn't Chow.

Anyway, they both made all stars and did great, IMO. Next up: All stars!

Today I swam the noon workout. I have changed my mind (yes, again!) and now I am enjoying Swim for Distance month. There is so much yardage that doing exactly 1/2 is just the right modification for me.

SCM, Jim Montgomery on deck

Warm Up:
300 swim
200 kick
===>no, i really goofed around. I did a dive, then some stroke, then a few fast turns. maybe 300 total?

Transition set:
10 x 50's on :55
done as 2 sets of 5, count strokes and drop 1 each time.

Main set: all on the 1:30 per 100 pace
100 strong ==>50/10/50 1:08
100 moderate
100 strong ==>50/10/50 1:07
200 moderate
100 strong ==>50/10/50 1:06
300 moderate
100 strong ==>50/10/50 1:04
400 moderate
***extra 1:30 rest
100 strong ==>4x25, 5 sec 1:00
300 moderate
100 strong ==>3x25, 5 sec :45
200 moderate
100 strong ==>50 all out 29.8 coach's watch
100 moderate

I worked the 100's broken and the 75, and 50. The moderate stuff I did every other 50 easy. So doing 1/2 of the moderate stuff was just the right rest for me!

The End

Ok, that was a really good workout for me. Really making the opportunity to swim fast and not wait until sometime mid season to push the 1:00 barrier/under 50 for a push 50. Next up: get solidly under 1:00/28/range.

And now, off to pick up lunch at Roti Grill. Lamb korma, Texas sized portion!!!

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