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Utterly Flabbergasted - I did D-Workout!!!

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by , July 15th, 2012 at 08:44 AM (767 Views)
Not sure how this happenned or why. I actually did and lead the entire distance workout on Saturday. Recall it is Swim for Distance Month

LCM, SMU outdoor pool

500 swim/kick/swim/kick/swim
Unbelievably, I did this entire thing.

3 x 300
kick/swim with fins
there was an interval, i forgot it now, but whatever it was, i did it.

3x 300 pull 5:00 (1:40 base)
paddles and buoy.
held 1:20 average; final time 4:00
***I can see the attraction. It was like cheating I was going so fast!!!!

400/300/200/100 1:40 base
descend each one
I was pretty pooped at the end, and did a 1:17. ouch!

The End

Then......25 minute walk
Followed by.......CoreX!


Last night TV was really bad and I wasn't in the mood for any of my DVR'd stuff and too lazy to pop in any videos, so I watched infomercials for Insanity and Jillian what's her names workout videos. I must say, those infomercials are quite effective. Now I am trying to decide which one to buy, but I think the answer is to ask for Insanity for xmas (so I can start it 01/01/13) and buy the Jillian one for my sister. I like the marketing - Insanity is for those already in really good shape (meatheads) and Jillian is for Biggest Loser fans and overweight people. Not that chowsh is either (she's a mini version of me), but the fact that it's 30 minutes - that is quite appealing!!! I also like that they say there is no equipment in Insanity. And it's 40 minutes, which will feel really short compared to P90X at 1 hour+ with ab ripperX . That makes for good travel DVD's and I can do them downstairs in the bedroom. Currently, I can only do cardioX and plyoX without equipment (I don't do the kenpoX one).

Today I am going to LCM workout again. I am worried the coach is going to force me to move to the 1:30 base lane. I much prefer additional rest and to put some punch into my speed, along with increasing the degree of difficulty (working on breath pattern, for example). that extra 10 seconds makes a huge difference. I think 1:40 is my swim number (get it? like sleep number bed, haha!)

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    3,300 is no distance workout!
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    3,300 is no distance workout!
    What are you talking about!?!?!???? That's my kind of yardage on a daily basis.

    Math story problem:
    OK, you swim 8500 one day, skip two days for recovery...I swim 3300 3 days in a row with no recovery. What time is lunch served on the flight from Seattle to Dallas?
  3. knelson's Avatar
    I went down to swim at Colman this afternoon. I had my snarky comment in the back of my mind so decided I better do over 3,300 meters. I ended up doing 3,400.
  4. chowmi's Avatar
    Over 3,000 is considered distance for our team! They are 1 hour workouts, so only the fastest lanes could probably do more yardage. I don't count my yardage, but I think I average around 2,000 for most of my normal modified workouts. So that's a huge increase for me!!
  5. knelson's Avatar
    Clearly whatever you're doing is working. I wouldn't want to race you in a 50!