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Saturday, 07/14/12

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Swam this morning w/ATAC - I hate Saturday morning workouts!! Partly because I have no excuse to get out early, and partly because they so often do goal sets. I hate goal sets. I have no fast twitch muscles. Luckily, however, they did have a distance lane -
Started my morning off by having to run to the BR right before warmup & throwing up the Zyrtec that I took 20 minutes earlier. Oh well.

600 back/free
600 P
400 kick
4 x 100 breast/free on 1:45

15 x 50 on :50
150 easy
8 x 100 on 1:30 (they were doing 16 of these, with the last 8 "all out" - right, I was going "all out" just to make the first 8! -- holding between 21 & 26's, skipped #5, then did 4 more)

100 easy
Total: 3800LCM

Then off to the beach!

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