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Monday, 07/16/12

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Today was a comedy of errors. I forgot to put my swim bag back into the car after we came home from the beach on Saturday - which I remembered once I got to the pool at 5:20 this morning. Went home, got bag - had to swim beside ATAC, and not with them, as I was now 20 minutes late. Did workout, had to go back home again because I realized I forgot my shoes, which are kinda important before a lady goes into the office. Grabbed a yogurt & left my sandwich in the fridge. Great. Guess I'm going to Firehouse or Subway for lunch today.

600 back/free, breast/free
3 x 200 pull
8 x 150 - first 4 were kick/swim/kick, working the kick, last 4 were swim/kick/swim, working the swim on about a 2:30/40
4 x 300, swim, pull no paddles, pull w/paddles x 2
200 breast/free cool down
Total: 3800LCM

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