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David W Cochran

Monday, July 16 - MOST

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Did something I haven't done in 37 years - swam at Blossom Athletic Center in San Antonio . Last swam there my senior year in high school in 1975. Swam with one group of Masters of South Texas. They have built an adjoining pool complex, but for this one week they were swimming in the original pool. Unlike in high school, it was set up as a 50 meter pool instead of 2 50 yard pools. After a long weekend of driving and stuffing myself at my family reunion, I didn't really push anything - I was just glad I didn't sink.

4x200 Free/Back
200 Kick
4x200 Free/Back
6x100 Free/Back
4x100 Kick
3x100 Free

3100 meters
70 minutes

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