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Sun LCM workout nonmodified again!

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by , July 22nd, 2012 at 07:46 PM (791 Views)
I know, I know. I didn't modify the workout and it was kind of fun today - just my type of sprint day.

LCM, Sunday 9am practice

400 warm up

12 x 50's on 1:00
kick/drill odds
build evens

300/200/100 pull on 1:40 base
sub 4:00, sub 2:40, 1:14ish
buoy and green paddles. I had a blow out on the 300 so that one was quite fast, considering.

4 rounds of:
4 x 50 in 1:15
12.5 fast, 25 fast, 37.5 fast, 50 fast
100 easy on 2:00

50's fast slowest was under 35, fastest was on coach's count at 32 high.

This last set I was quite proud of myself. It was acceptable times for now, but the biggest thing was the comfort of the swim. I didn't feel that uncomfortable, but wasn't quite acclimated to the entire LCM thing! It was also very difficult with this modest rest to have a really good breathe pattern on the all fast 50. I take 2 breaths in a race, but could only go the first 30+ and then it was a struggle due to wanting more air. Must work on that! I would like to be 32 to 30's and that would be very strong indeed.

Then later,

25 minute walk

I have decide my game plan for next season. All subject to change if I have to take extra cases or appointments, or something super busy family-wise. But, assuming the steady state of busy-ness, here it is:

Note that these are IDEALS:

SCY goal: 23.9 or less by 12/31/12 in USA meets (nontapered);

Enter & Swim Austin Grand Prix;
if SCY/LCM format, make any final heat 27.5 or better LCM

Enter & Swim Mesa Grand Prix;
assuming LCM format, 26.9 or better

My masters life? Swim whatever comes along, and my fav choices this year are (in this order):

1. 50 free - as fast as possible
2. 100 free- see what I can do but i'm not killing myself
3. 200 back - top ten 10 and for fun
4. 50's of any other stroke to get my entry fee's worth

All events at Republic of Texas World Champs, if 3rd annual takes place.

Try to make top ten in at least 5 events to keep moving towards 200. I didn't swim any meets in LCM this year, and I don't mix my USA and USMS times, a personal thing. (I like to keep them separate).

So now that I have my IDEAL goals, I have been rejuvenated and feel a more concrete sense of purpose and strategy for my workouts. I am "taking my medicine" of LCM right now, after years of squandering my talent and rarely swimming LCM, other than Sunday sprint days. But now my goal is to go Sats/Sundays, and maybe Wed sprint evenings for a whopping THREE LCM workouts per week for the entire year!!! That ought to help my 50 tremendously! It seems it might really work out well, as the key 3 are LCM, then I can go on my own and do SCM starts, turns, and very targeted sprint stuff 1 or 2 other days per week, or the stroke days (Tues/Thurs) during the day. I'd like to keep up with my P90X workouts:

(or CardioX substitute if I am too tired)
2 of the other 5 (rotate thru 4 arms and 1 leg X's) plus AbRipperX.

which makes 4x per week.

Was thinking to start Insanity on 01/01/13, but not sure whether to start then, or wait unti 07/01/13 (after my LCM season) and finishing up by 09/01/13? Depending on how I do by 12/31/12, i'll decide to either continue with current training, or whether I can try a new routine.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I think it's good you're not modifying right now. It's a mental burden to always think how to sprint/modify. And it's probably just fine to get some conditioning right now. I know I need a break from a constant HIT emphasis.

    I've only one Insantity workout with my bro. Ouch. Even though shorter in duration, it was harder than P90X.
  2. chowmi's Avatar
    With 2 vacations coming up, I think you're right. It makes no sense to get into well-oiled sprint shape only to go out of town for a week with no real workouts....that said, I have to work out on my own Mon and Tues, so I might as well do starts & turns, since we don't do starts at any of the workouts except for sprint days!

    Insanity's 1st month is about 40 mins, but the second is longer. The appeal to me is not having any equipment at all! I can even do it at my office!!