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Saturday July 21st - Open Water Swim?

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I was apprehensive on the drive from Philadelphia to Ocean City NJ, worrying about my first open water swim - the Ocean City Masters Swim, a one mile swim in the Atlantic along the Ocean City beach. Logically I had nothing to worry about because I know I can easily swim a mile and I don't have any previous experience to compare my performance with. On the other hand I have never raced in open water and only had a two minute description of how to sight, so thinking about having to figure it all out in the middle of a mob (last year 450 people entered) had me a bit worried. Despite the worries I was looking forward to the race, and to meeting fellow forumite [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame] who was planning to come down for the race.

As it happens our rental house is just two blocks from the race finish, so I walked down to have a look at the water as soon as we pulled up. I don't know what the water is usually like for a race, but the large swell and two lines of breakers gave me pause:

Registration was open until 6:00 but I walked over at 3:30 so I would have enough time warm up and then relax before the race at 6:30, and was told that they had decided to postpone the race until next Saturday morning at 9:00 because of the weather. Luckily I was able to get Sojerz on his cell phone so he didn't have to drive all the way down here and we had a nice chat.

We have to be out of our house at 10:00 on Saturday so I should be able to do the race and as a bonus, I will be able to skip last minute house cleanup . The postponement may be a blessing in surprise because I will be able to practice swimming in the ocean, maybe I can even figure out this "sighting" thing so I don't actually swim 2 miles.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    That is a bonus! You get a full week to practice on site. Once you get out past the breakers it should be a little easier going. Don't forget to wear your seal suit and chum as you go
  2. Sojerz's Avatar
    Now i see why they postponed the swim - breakers would have forced the swimming peloton out past where i think they would be comfrotable being able to easily see everyone.
    Thanks for calling and hope to see you saturday - will call on friday.
    Glad you got a chance to talk to erin, pick up a few pointers, and have some time to practice. 450 entrants sounds like they will/should start us in waves and not all at once from the beach.