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Monday on my own

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by , July 23rd, 2012 at 11:28 PM (1026 Views)
Today was a very busy day so I did my own workout:

SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

400 warmup

200 kick
8 x 25 kick on :45 fast

200 pull
4 x 25's with stretch cord
catch the ride back
these you have to do hard and fast

200 swim
4 x 25's UW on :45
4 x 15 sec on wall, into fast 25 no breath until the end (about 30 secs total) (1:15 each)

5 x dives + sprint to the 15;
immediately climb out and walk back

extra minute, but not too long into..

1 x 50 from a dive
31. sort of dissappointing, actually.

Today I was not exactly peppy, and swimming at an odd time due to my schedule, so I was quite happy with making myself get up and out of the water on the dives, then finishing with a fast 50. It was not as fast as I would like, and I knew right away I simply didn't have the umph and speed, but it was a solid effort. Plus it is so hard to start yourself and know really when you left!

I can hardly wait for my trip to Pittsburgh! I take the girls every year, and we always go to Kennywood! A few weeks later we will go to Breckenridge and chowsh will join us this year. Then one more blow out at Great Wolf Lodge!!!

I am going to get my haircut, eyebrows waxed, and a massage as part of a spa gift certificate from xmas. It's actually been a pain to try to schedule it as it cuts into my TV watching on the weekends. I think i'd rather just get more exercise stuff!

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