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David W Cochran

Wednesday, July 25

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Thinner crowd today - swam with Ray, Peter, Dave M, and Charley. Just tried to keep an even pace - didn't try to push real hard. Trying to work off the lbs I gained on vacation. Plus, with other things going on, I'm distracted and not getting enough sleep (5 to 6 hours of erratic sleep a night). So, I feel like I've lost my edge and am dragging. This week is the last week the youth start swimming at 7. So next week, I can start swimming a little longer (or sleeping a little later) and I want to get my mental side back in order.

6x50 on :50
3x500 on 7:30 (6:45, 6:55, 6:50)
200 Back
3x300 on 4:30
300 Kick
6x150 Back w/paddles on 2:30
100 Free
100 Back

4300 yards
75 minutes

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