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07.28.12 - Saturday workout

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by , July 28th, 2012 at 10:57 AM (326 Views)
Swam at HSA w/ Bob, Bob, Dave, Mary and a couple others. It was set up long course today so that some triathletes could practice for a sprint triathlon coming up. That was good for my chest injury since there were fewer walls. I tested the injury a little more today. Freestyle isn't too bad if I breathe to the left. Other strokes are manageable so long as I don't push too hard. All the fin kicking has torn up my feet. Looking into neoprene socks for my fins.


800 Warm up - half kick w/ fins, half without

All kick for this set was with zoomers
100 Kick easy
100 Kick fr
100 Kick easy
200 IM Kick (I did fly, back, fly on back, free)
100 Kick easy
300 Kick fr
100 Kick easy
400 Kick IM Order down, free back

4 Times through:
* 50 Kick fly w/ zoomers
* 100 kick back/fly on back w/ zoomers
* 200 Kick Free w/zoomers

2 Times through:
* 200 Br kick (no fins!)
* 100 Free
* 50 Free
* 200 IM - easy!
* 100 Free
* 50 Free

(5000m Total)

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