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Overcoming my choke on the 500

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I decided to get in the pool this morning and just do it. However the LC course was set up so...

200meter warm up

500 meter free 7:51
race time Sat 500 yds 7.49:57!

4x 50 meters
1-50sec on 1:00 interval
2-110sec on 1:20 interval
3-51sec on 1:15
4 53sec on 1:15
Learned I need more recovery time in intervals.

400 free plus kick with flippers and w/out

50 meter breast on a 1:50
200 breast

I need someone to show me the new style breast, teach me correct fly and check all my strokes. I am thinking of getting a private coach for a while. Someone who will correct my stroke very specifically.

300 cool down
Will swim with the team tomorrow morn.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    A 500 metre time that is spot on your 500 yard time, especially LONG COURSE, is fantastic.

    If you do get private coaching, try to get under water and above water video so that you can see what's going on. Private coaching can be great, but I think we all (at least me) can more easily relate to and correct what we're doing wrong if we can see ourselves swim.
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks, Patrick. I think I will do it again soon to make sure this time is correct. Can't hurt. I really was struggling Sat. It was like the gorrillia was on my chest and my body was full of lead.
    Video of my strokes sound like a good idea. I will also check out some of the instruction on UTube to maybe help clear up things.