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Starting focus on SCY season

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by , August 5th, 2012 at 03:55 PM (455 Views)
I have put pen to paper and outlined my workout approach for the next season. Recall my longer term goal, assuming everything stays at steady-state of busyness, is that I will blast-o SCY USA in Oct/Nov/Dec, then switch to LCM for Austin Grand Prix (Jan) and Mesa Grand Prix (April) with any local USMS meets as they come along.

Since my event is really

50 free

and bonus tag-along events are

50's stroke
100 free
100 back
maybe 100 fly but unlikey

and way out there new event is

200 back,

i'll be focusing all training on that 50 free.

Now, it is widely known that I customize most workouts. But it has been bothering me that I haven't been able to get in EXACTLY what I want to do, and thus began the "make-up" workouts on my own to fill in the blanks. I also rarely add up yardage, as that just isn't really a relevant factor for me. It's the time in the water and specific events. That said, I am limited to 1 hour per workout on average.

You may also recall I made the analogy of putting together the top ten greatest hits (ie, the top ten things that are critical to your race performance) and having to hit those without the luxury of "fluff stuff" you had as a college/age group swimmer. From 9 water workouts pushing 20 hours excluding weights to maybe 4 workouts a week at 1 hour must choose wisely what to do!!!

So I put together a spreadsheet! Across the top are columns. There are 10 categories in this order:

1. STARTS (includes dives, reaction drills, visualization behind the blocks, breakouts up to 15 m);
2. SPRINTS (this is a big category. includes race pace, conditioning sprint, back half sprints, power generation sprints - I may need to elevate several categories to their stand-alone number later);
3. BREATH CONTROL (race, set control, lead up into);
4. TURNS (isolated; accelarate to wall, speed, streamlining and line counts, breakouts);
5. RECOVERY (yes, lots)
6. KICK (all types)
8. PULL (all types)

Down the left side of the page are the days of the week, starting with Saturday. This is because the Sat/Sun outdoor at SMU workouts will be my "cornerstone" workouts for the week, and it is much easier to modify workouts during the week. That said, I did a great job of customizing them this week.

If you like yardage counts, I have roughly organized the amounts, but more as a very general and rough guideline - more like, how much "time", "yardage", or even "effort" I spend doing what. Not that the categories are mutually exclusive. More on that later.

Yardage lovers, here it is:
Ideally I swim 4 x hour, average 3 workouts at 2,500 and 1 on my own at 1,500. That makes 9,000 a week, but considering that I don't always make 4x per week, let's round down to 8,000.

In categories 1-4, I estimate doing 2,000 per week. I've got the numbers by category and subs but that's way too boring for everyone to read about although I find it so fascinating myself. Recovery #5 is 1 for 1, so count that as 2,000. Kick is at least 1,500 (and that seems way too low!). That leaves 1,500 for Pull, Conditioning swimming, and miscellaneous fun other stuff.

So the key is to not fill up on crappy sets like, 10 x 100's on the 1:30 pull and then the next day do 6 x 200's pull and then other day 400/300/200/100 pull, etc....because the time spent on these sets eat up too much of my 1 hour, and they don't benefit my 50 free as much as categories 1-4. Now, I could do a set a week. And better to double up - such as doing a set with breath control - 3/5 and 3/7 by 50. Then it's not a total waste. But arguably, i'd be better off doing 8 x 25's underwaters, which is also breath control and kicking, and a category of sprint set as well! And when you are talking about limited time, you have to pick and chose. So.......

Today was a great example of my spreadsheet at work. Here was workout:

LCM, SMU outdoor

400 warm up

5 x 100's on 2:00
25 kick/50 swim/25 kick
emphasis on strong kick and really good turn with same kick off walls into breakout
(so categories of kick/turns, conditioning swim)

last 25 fast
==> no. did 4 dives + B/O 15m

Main set:
4 rounds of 4 x 50's
1 x 50 on 1:00
1 x 50 on 1:10
1 x 50 on 1:20
1 x 50 on 1:30
descend 1-3, easy on #4
(this counted as sprint type set with bits of recovery, but probably just cite the set and put it under the sprint column)

100 easy

Yesterday part of the workout was 4 x 200's pull. That was incredibly annoying and I did 6 x Dives + B/o increasing to the 25. We just did a stupid 6 x 200 pull set on Monday. I didn't want to waste 15 minutes of my precious 60 minutes doing another pull set, but I did want to get in my 15-20 dives per week, so I did 6 to start off the week (and then 4 more today).

Now I must say if you are doing Hawaii or other open water swims or just wanting to do a conditioning workout, then the 200's pull are just for you. But not for me!

I was also really irked that the lane balked when I wanted to do this set on the 1:15 instead of the 1:00:

6 x 50's first and last 12.5 fast
#7 at 80%
#8 at 100%.

I felt that that was an ok conditioning sprint set, but I would rather have done them on 1:15 and 1:30 on #7 to really get up to a true 100%. I could only muster going about 92.5% but I could tell I had more in the tank. How can I get truly well-oiled sprint speed if I am having to press the interval too much? I still need to do my own sets, and you can bet this one is a fav on my list but i'll be doing it on at least 1:15's!!! I don't need the conditioning to turn around and come back, I just need the proper training to get to Elusive speed and drive it the last 12.5 meters of a 50 meter race. The machine gun empties at the 50. I don't need anything left in it at that point.

Has anyone been to Argentina or New Zealand for vacation? Any strategy on flights? We simply don't have the miles for first/biz class for 4 people. There are virtually no 62.5 mile options (Argentina), and only 100k but that would be 800k and we only have 275k now.

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