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August doldrums

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I had two good swims out in the ocean this weekend. Saturday started out very overcast, and the forecast was for possible thunderstorms, but after guessing wrong about Friday's weather and missing an outdoor swim then, I decided to brave the weather and head out to see what would happen. I was glad I did, as the clouds turned into blue sky, and I enjoyed a nice mellow day at the beach. I swam an easy 5k loop, with flat water and minimal current. The water has turned a little overly warm--we are into mid August now--and there was a fair lot of debris (bags, branches) in the water from recent rains. But it was still very peaceful and happy-making stroking along the familiar course. I even found a few cooler patches here and there that felt soothing and restorative.

Today the weather was sunny but not too hot, and the beach was a little more crowded. There was a nice CIBBOWS contingent out, and I ended up swimming to the pier and back, then playing and synchro swimming for about half an hour near the shore. (Watching the synchro on tv has given me ideas!) Unfortunately the sea lice were out in force today--I stopped a half dozen times during my swim to clear them out of my suit. Luckily, I don't suffer from the itchy welty aftereffects of sea lice the way some of my fellow swimmers do (at least not so far!). Apart from the those little critters it was an easy day of swimming, with the water flat and cooperative--it felt like I was getting helped along by gentle swells in both directions. There were lots of boats and jetskis out, but happily today they stayed well clear of swimmers.

During this part of the summer I often lack motivation for going out to the beach--the warmer water temperatures and the crowds don't appeal to me as much as spring or fall beach days do. I was glad to have two good experiences out there this weekend, and to remind myself of the pleasures of swimming at the beach during this warm season. Still, I'm looking forward to swimming in some cooler temps soon!

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