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ZONES Day 2 Sun Aug 11 2012

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ZONES Day 1 ZONES Day 2 Sun Aug 11 2012

Events I entered for Sunday:

800 fr (in case I wanted to do a split request)
50 FR
100 BK
200 IM
50 FL
4 x 100 fr relay with David, Mike, & Jim

Skipped 8fr, 1bk, & 2IM
wanted to maximize my relay performance

50 FR 26.07
OK time faster than 26.14 from Nats,
but wasn't 1/2 sec drop like my 50 bk
didn't warm up enough, breathed too much
didn't feel good

50 FL
had plenty of rest and warm up
felt fast and snappy
27.02 which is really good
think I was 27.48 last year
Mike went 26.59

kinda weird, my 50 br & Fr were slightly faster & my 50 BK & Fly were around 1/2 sec faster

4 x 100 FR relay with
1) 56.32 Mike Varozza, 45
2) 59.61 Jim Sauer, 55
3) 59.24 David Guthrie, 52
4) 57.17 me, 49
broke the 200+ men's 4 x 100 WR which was 3:54.63

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Updated August 15th, 2012 at 02:41 PM by ande

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Maybe fly/back are your more natural strokes.

    Congrats on the WR!!! Buncha speedy dudes.
  2. That Guy's Avatar
    Congratulations Ande!
  3. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job to you and your team!
  4. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Great meet Ande, nice drops in the fly and back.
  5. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    I think you broke our American record we had for a month...we just missed the wr by a few tenths. Your old guys were faster than ours. I did a 57 and Utsch did a 54 but then we had some 101s I believe....congrats.
  6. ande's Avatar
    thank y'all
    thanks Kurt, records just make it tougher for the next guy or guys.
    I'm going to keep on working on speed and strength. Last year I started lifting in Nov for our Dec SCM meet and I'm starting now